Vodka 14: Craft-Distilled. Organic. Committed.

80 Proof (40% ABV) Vodka. Boulder, Colorado, United States of America.

Vodka 14 is one of the oldest craft vodkas on the American market, and one of the oldest organic vodkas as well. When we started Vodka 14 back in 2005, organic vodka was all but unheard of, and craft-distilling wasn’t even a thing– we had some work to do to convince people that a small producer was even capable of making an exceptional-quality vodka. But we stuck to our guns, and we’ve made a name for ourselves by offering an exquisitely good product for over the last decade, a vodka that Spirits Journal described as “wonderfully clear and pristine.” As we’ve grown, we’ve doubled down on our commitment to keeping things small, at a scale where we can have control over the smallest details. To us, that’s what makes a craft spirit a craft spirit.


Our whole program comes down to one simple proposition: we believe that committed people who care deeply about how good their product is and use the best ingredients available will turn out a better product than the most elaborate commercial-scale operation the biggest multi-national corporation can dream up, every single time. Vodka 14 comes out of our Boulder facility, which is probably smaller than you’re imagining, if you haven’t been by (and you should definitely come by). Vodka 14 begins with the best quality grain available. When we say “best,” we don’t mean “cheapest” or “easiest,” we mean grain that is carefully sourced and is USDA Certified Organic. Organic grain is verified to be completely free of pesticide residues, nitrate and sewage sludge fertilizers, and genetically-modified crops. It’s free of anything that might taint the finished product, and it’s grown in a way that we can all feel good about, supporting sustainable agriculture. Organic also means that our whole process has been inspected by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to verify that no chemical contaminants enter our product, down to the most meticulous detail of production. We keep batch size very small, allowing us to keep tabs on the most minute details of production, right down to bottling. Each individual bottle is filled by hand and numbered individually, right here in Boulder.

The result? One seriously high quality vodka, with a smooth taste, great mouthfeel, and a perfect finish, regarded by many connoisseurs as one of the finest craft vodkas available in the United States today.  

The Alpine Flower

This original is exciting to watch being made, and offers and equally dramatic taste to match.


The Good Morning

A tasty twist on the classic Greyhound, the Apertivo is a simple but elegant cocktail for any occasion.


The Lychee 14

This simple cocktail uses the juice of the lychee, the delicate, floral-scented fruit from Asia, for a unique flavor.  


Hot Cider 14er

Warm up by the fire and embrace the chill days of autumn with this seasonal treat.


The Fuzzy Peach

Light, delicate fruit flavors balance perfectly with rich cream in this classic flavor pairing.


*As local regulations allow, shiping alcohol is not permitted in all areas. Must be 21 or over to order.