Papagayo Rums

Type of Spirit: Silver Rum, Spiced Rum
Region of Origin: Arroyo y Esteros, Paraguay

Papagayo is an uncompromising rum, crafted from the finest ingredients with the highest standards for environmental sustainability and social responsibility in mind. Papagayo is a single-estate product, distilled from organic cane grown on a single plantation in the Arroyo y Esteros region of Paraguay, located about 60 miles north of the capital, Asuncion. This cooperatively-run plantation began with the dual goal of farming in a sustainable, organic manner, and at the same time promoting fair labor practices that would raise the standard of living dramatically for the farmers involved. Today some 800 families participate in this project, and Papagayo is both Certificated Organic by the USDA and Fair Trade Certified by the International Fair Trade Association.

Papagayo’s commitment to sustainable agriculture and Fair Trade is only half the story: the other half is the remarkable quality of the product this unique production process yields. Because the sugar cane used to produce Papagayo is organic, it is exceptionally pure, untainted by chemical pesticides or sewage sludge fertilizers.

This one remarkably pure ingredient results in a remarkably pure rum, with a deep, crisp flavor and an exceptionally clean, dry finish imparted by the traditional estate production and distillation. Papagayo Spiced rum is enhanced further by the aging process, which takes place in old rum casks in the tropical heat. The proof is in the taste, and since its introduction Papagayo has been honored with multiple awards at international spirits competitions and praise from critical reviewers, including a coveted four-star review and a “highly recommended” rating from Spirits Journal.

Papagayo Rums are distilled exclusively from cane sugar and do not contain gluten of any kind.

Papagayo is available in Spiced and Silver varieties, packaged in 750mL bottles.

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