Papagayo Platinum and Spiced Rums

80 Proof (40% ABV) Platinum Rum. Distilled in Arroyo y Esteros, Paraguay.

Unlike cloyingly sweet mass-market rums, Papagayo puts the full flavor derived from its exceptionally pure ingredients front and center instead of masking them beneath a sugary veil. Perhaps it is this intriguing combination of cane sugar flavor and aroma without overwhelming sweetness that earned Papagayo Platinum four stars from Spirits Journal, the highest rating the prestigious publication bestows on any spirit. Papagayo Spiced Rum builds on this acclaimed flavor by adding the additional step of barrel-aging in wood with natural vanilla, chili peppers, and ginger in the warmth of the Paraguayan sun, giving the rum a deep (and completely natural) color and a complex flavor, packing a delectable aroma and just the right balance of sweetness and hot pepper punch. This exceptional flavor has earned Papagayo Rum eight medals in international spirits competitions.

Papagayo is a single-estate rum, craft-distilled in the traditional method in the Arroyo y Esteros region of Paraguay. This area is famous for its exceptional cane sugar, the key ingredient in Papagayo, and this rum is crafted from the cream of the crop: organic cane sugar, free from any pesticides or sewage sludge fertilizers. Certified Organic means that the sugar and spices from which Papagayo is crafted grew under the tropical sun without a bit of chemical fertilizer or pesticide, chemicals that there is often no real way to extract once applied.

A Higher Standard of Social Responsibility

Perhaps just as unique as Papagayo’s flavor is its unparalleled commitment to social responsibility.

Papagayo Rums are crafted from cane sugar grown on a plantation called the Manduvirá Cooperative in the Arroyo y Esteros region of Paraguay, located about 60 miles north of the capital, Asuncion. This cooperatively-run, community-owned plantation began in 1975 with the dual goal of farming in a sustainable, organic manner, and at the same time promoting fair labor practices that would raise the standard of living dramatically for the farmers involved. Today some 800 families participate in this project, including 443 women, many of whom hold prominent leadership roles in the cooperative. The profits of this cooperative plantation support the grower’s families directly, and also finance community health and infrastructure projects.

We believe that exceptional rum from Latin America need not entail exploitative and deceptive labor practices, and we believe that knowing that buying Papagayo benefits the communities that produce it makes each sip all the more delicious to the rum connoisseurs in America who purchase Papagayo.

Papagayo Rums are distilled exclusively from cane sugar and do not contain gluten of any kind.

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